First of all, I would like to welcome you to the world of SFK. Thank you for visiting...We apologize for the semi- confusing blog set-up. The brand new website is almost ready and then things will be much less confusing. Do not hesitate to email with ANY questions or concerns you have and someone will respond ASAP!

Q & A

#1 If I have a small digital camera what kind of chain is best?

#2 If I have a larger camera what style is best?
#3 Do SFK ship internationally?

YES! SFK ships everywhere in the world, wherever you are.

#4 Are SFK chains comfortable and safe?

Yes! They are made of high quality materials and when attached properly are a super safe and durable way to carry your camera over your shoulder or around your neck comfortably. The Super Deluxe are best for cameras that weigh more than 2lbs and the Deluxe and Classic styles are best for smaller digital cameras and point and shoots. For instructions on how to attach your SFK Camera Chain see here: http://sarahfranceskuhn.blogspot.com/2010/06/sfk-custom-camera-straps.html

#5 Will it scratch my camera lense?

This is common concern but this has never been reported to have happened and if you are careful and apply the lense cap when not using your camera, it should be fine! The straps are more sturdy than most generic ones.

#6 How do I order one?

You can place an order through the paypal buttons or email me: sarahfrances.art@gmail.com


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